Royal Wootton Basset Town Guide 2015 - page 6

Spire Medical Services Limited. Swindon
Microbz Ltd. ProbioƟc SoluƟons. Calne
Lisa Coleman Photography. Swindon
AMS Accountancy Ltd.
AMS Accountancy Ltd. Swindon
T.01793 818400
AMS has helped hundreds of businesses to
succeed since 1985. We work with Sole
Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies
and Freelance Contractors.
It’s exciƟng to work with small businesses
and get involved with the owners on
decisions that will help their future
We oŌen work with start ups. Advice on
the correct structure for the business at
this early stage can help avoid expensive
readjustments later on.
We will meet you for an annual review; to
discuss the performance of your business
and ideas for improvements going forward.
And of course, you can call us any Ɵme.
During the year, we will keep you up to
date and let you know in good Ɵme when
there are acƟons you should take. We will
carry out all the agreed admin for you and
keep you safe.
We always provide a quote aŌer our iniƟal
discussion along with a report on your
You will be very welcome to come and
meet with us.
See leŌ for some of our lovely clients!
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