Royal Wootton Basset Town Guide 2015 - page 11

Sharon Watson lives in Royal Wootton Bassett and sells
cards, giftwrap and more
. “It’s a
lovely town and great to work in.”
Claire Tovey, assisted by Ted the
Bassett Hound, sells
plants and shrubs.
“Everything is
home grown, which customers seem
to appreciate. Everyone shares their
knowledge and experiences and I am
more than happy to offer help. New
plants are introduced
from time to time
so it’s always
worth coming
along for a
Ted is always happy to see people!”
Mr. Cook’s stall offers
all those useful
you need such as plugs, string, tea
towels, dusters, lighters, batteries and much more.
“You can’t beat a familiar face on the High Street and
it’s easy to come back if you should have any problems
- customer service and personal contact are so important.”
Come along and browse all the stalls, and the shops
too. If you would like some information about becoming
a stallholder in Royal Wootton Bassett, please contact
the Town Council on
01793 850222
or e-mail us at
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