Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 76

Northumbria University is shaping Gateshead’s future
through its partnerships in the borough. From driving
business innovation at the Northern Design Centre and
our role as a keystone investor in the regeneration of Trinity
Square, to our award-winning partnership with BALTIC
Centre for Contemporary Art, the university is demonstrating
a commitment to Gateshead and its communities and
businesses alike.
Take Virtual NewcastleGateshead, a three dimensional
visualisation of Tyneside’s urban core, developed by
Northumbria University in partnership with both Gateshead
and Newcastle City Councils. The project enables the accurate
assessment – and graphical representation – of the impact
tool for use in engaging with stakeholders.
Northumbria University
Open For Business
If you would like to discuss how Northumbria University is Open for
Business for your organisation, please email us at
or call us on 0191 243 7262.
Context Model @ Zmapping Ltd [2009]
Image courtesy of VNG ©Northumbria University
planned developments for planners, architects and developers,
it is also provides an effective and accurate communication
of development proposals from multi viewpoints. Providing
a cost effective way of understanding the wider context of
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