Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 64

Enforcement of Building Regulations
Failure to comply with the Building Regulations is an offence. It is the owner
and/or occupier’s legal responsibility to ensure that the Building Regulations
are complied with in full. Where there is a breach of the Building Regulations
during the building work, or within two years of completion, the Local
Authority may take legal proceedings which can lead to a fine at the local
Magistrates’ Court.
The Local Authority may also serve a Notice requiring the builder to take down
or alter the building work within 28 days.
From July 2002, the Law Society as part of Solicitors "Searches" are required
to ask questions to confirm that all necessary Building Control consents
have been obtained for building works before a property can be sold or
re-mortgaged. Failure to ensure that building work does comply with the
Building Regulations may lead to difficulties, delays and possible additional
costs in any future sale of the property. It may also compromise the safety of
the occupants of the building from flood or fire or poor workmanship.
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