Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 63

Guide to Development Management at Gateshead
We can also provide additional services through our LABC
Business partners at competitive prices such as latent defects
cover, energy certificates, sound and pressure testing, BREEAM ,
Sap or SBEM. For further information on this or any other
product please contact
Gateshead Building Control can also offer you the added service
of fire risk assessments for your building(s) and acoustic testing
as well. Please call us to discuss (see Useful Contacts on page 63).
Skip, Scaffolding and Hoarding Permits
The Council seek to part recover the costs of carrying
out this important highway safety related activity for the
residents of Gateshead.
To position a skip, scaffolding or hoarding on the Council’s
highway you must apply to the Council for permission (a
highway includes a path, pavement or road). We have recently
updated and improved the skip licence process in consultation
with local companies so as to improve the process and safety
when skips are located on the highway.
Dangerous Structures
Where the Council has been informed about a potentially
dangerous building or structure, a building control surveyor will
inspect (where possible and safe to do so) the reported building
or structure within 24 hours, and where possible the owner and
occupiers of the premises will be informed.
Depending on the outcome of the Building Surveyors inspection,
the Council will determine what action is required, ranging from
further regular inspections to, in some cases, emergency partial
or full demolition. The Council can order the owner(s) to 'make
safe' or remove the danger. The Council can reclaim all its costs
from the building's owner(s).
To notify the Council of a dangerous building or structure please
use the following contact details.
Out of hours care call number:
0191 4787666
Office hours: 0191 4333144
Everyone intending to demolish a building or structure (over 50
cubic metres or 1,750 cubic feet in volume) must give notice of
that intention to the Council where a fee is now payable.
The demolition may not start until the Council's Building Control
Surveyor has inspected the proposed demolition site, checked
the demolition contractor's method statement and arranged for
the neighbouring owner and occupiers of nearby premises to be
The applicant will also be advised of the likely action necessary
to ensure that the works are done in a safe manner, that the
site is left in a safe, reasonable condition and that the debris is
safely removed.
Partnership Authority Schemes
The Partner Authority Scheme allows a company to partner with a
Local Authority of its own choice. The Partner Authority will deal
with all aspects of design including plans examination, pre-
application advice, and all necessary consultations, including the fire
service, wherever the project is located within England and Wales.
Site inspections will be carried out by the Local Authority in
whose area the project is to be built, but in close liaison with the
Partner Authority. The scheme is suitable for all developers that
build across a wide geographic area. Architects and design & build
contractors can also benefit from the scheme. An application will
be submitted like any other application, this being on a Full Plans
Application form which may be downloaded from our website.
For further information and additional benefits of the Partner
Authority Scheme please contact the Building Control Technical
Manager Tel:
0191 4333151
or Principal Surveyor on
0191 4333304.
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