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Scope of Services
Gateshead Building Control service is delivered by a team of
professionally qualified staff that has ISO 9001:2008 accreditation
We are able to offer both a full plan appraisal and site inspection
service to enable Building Control to certify that both the design
and construction meet the substantive requirements of the
Building Regulations.
As an integral part of this service we offer extensive
pre-submission discussions for larger schemes to ensure the
scheme not only complies with the relevant legislation, but also
takes account of the design and end use of the building.
Staff will be available for all necessary meetings from the outset,
with this service being provided at no cost to you. Presently our
plan checking team are working on a 15-day turnaround for
smaller schemes and an initial plan check and feed back for
larger schemes. We can also offer same day inspections if
requested and arrange for out of hours inspections if required.
In addition, Gateshead offers a full Development Team approach
to projects, and officers will be happy to facilitate meetings to
progress the scheme, including meetings with planning
colleagues. An important value added service we can bring to
the project when considering all fire safety issues both internal
and external, is the close long term working relationship Building
Control has with officers from the Tyne & Wear Fire Authority.
We have used the approach to work on the Trinity Square
scheme in Gateshead Town Centre and works at the Metro Centre.
As a service we can also offer you the added value services
of a Fire Risk Assessment of a building and/or an Acoustic
Assessment of a building using specialists within the team.
We can offer such services across the north east not just in
Gateshead. Please contact the Building Control Technical
Manager for more details on
(0191) 4333151
Under the Umbrella of the LABC we can also offer a new home
structural warranty for any new homes which are constructed
.The warranty is subject to additional fees and must use the
Local Authority Building Control Service.
Service Delivery
Should you wish to submit your application electronically we can
offer the facility of ‘submit a plan’, which is unique to Local
Authority Building Control (LABC), and will allow you to submit
all plans and documents electronically. Considerable cost
savings can be realised from the reduced need for ‘hard copy’
drawings and details, linked to savings in time through electronic
submission and return of details as the project develops. Should
you wish to take advantage of this facility we can arrange for
advice to be given as to how it operates.
Our quality service includes a 15 working day turn round in plan
checking for compliance with the Building Regulations, with
supporting details and requests for information being assessed
within 5 days of receipt.
A full site inspection programme will be prepared for your
scheme and any site inspection request received before 09.30am
will be actioned on the same day (but not always in the morning).
If required to meet your building programme, site inspections for
both out of hours and weekends can be arranged.
A named surveyor will be appointed to lead the project. The
majority of our staff are Chartered Building control surveyors
and full members of the Royal Institution of Chartered
Surveyors (RICS).
It is extremely important to have a responsive professional building
control provider and the cost of the provision of the service is a
consideration. We will work closely with your design team to give
you a competitive quotation for our services based on the overall
cost of the build project and the construction period on site.
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