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Guide to Development Management at Gateshead
what materials they should use. And some architects think we
will act as a clerk of works and check everything the builder has
done. None of these are true!
We will try to be helpful on site and give advice when we can,
although our principal role is to ensure the building owner, through
the builder, complies with the Building Regulations. The number
of times we visit site will vary and depends on a number of factors.
Early stages of the work (i.e. foundations, damp course level
and underground drainage) must be notified to us, particularly
where the work will be concealed following inspection. We also
encourage you to notify us when other works, such as fire
stopping, structural members and insulating materials may be
inspected before being covered over. On occasion we will give
our advice to your builder as to how a certain part of the
construction should be carried out and will need confirmation
from the builder this was done as it will not always be possible
to check once works are complete and concealed.
In some cases we will want to witness, or even carry out tests
to ensure that systems work. It is always advisable to have
preliminary tests undertaken before we arrive, as delays will
occur if a test fails.
Completion Certificates
It is our policy to issue a Completion Certificate (providing that
all the relevant fees have been paid) as soon as a satisfactory
final inspection has been made and the work has been found to
comply with the Regulations.
This certificate is a very important document when a property is
to be sold. We usually send the certificate to the owner identified
on the application form, but can send it to others upon request;
please keep it safe.
For some work a building surveyor will have advised your builder
to undertake work in a certain way or construction method. If
you or the builder have not contacted the surveyor to check,
those works may be concealed at the end of the project. The
Completion Certificate will be issued on the understanding the
builder has followed that advice; if this is later proven not to be
the case then as the building owner you would need to take
recourse with your builder.
Relationship with Development Management
The surveyors have an excellent relationship with planning
colleagues and as such seek to keep each other up to date with
all the legislation. There is often the need for cross working
particularly if scheme changes are required at the planning stage
and there is a need to check conformity with the building
regulations. Similarly if through construction, changes are
required to comply with building regulations, we will liaise with
planning colleagues to check whether the changes require a new
planning permission or can be dealt with as a non material
amendment under recent changes to planning legislation.
It is all part of Gateshead providing a joined up approach to
development and all part of the development management
approach to building projects.
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