Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 60

A greater certainty of the final building costs.
There are other advantages to making a Full Plans Application as
our staff can advise on the following:-
Design and layout.
Structural design and local ground conditions.
Fire safety and engineering.
Energy conservation and sound transmission.
Access and facilities for people with disabilities
A Full Plans Application should be accompanied by two full sets
of plans and a plan fee.
We aim to give you a decision on your application within the
statutory time limit of five weeks, although more complex
proposals can take up to two months. If you provide sufficient
detail at the time of the application the process can take a lot
less. Every application is checked within 15 working days.
Many applicants now provide a compliance statement in addition
to the traditional drawings. This written document describes how
each part of the technical requirements is to be complied with
and can help us to interpret your proposals better than some
drawings can.
We are happy to deal with complex proposals using a 'staged
approval' approach. We can agree the methodology and
timescales with you at a pre-application meeting.
If you need advice or assistance, ask for a pre-application
consultation with one of our Building Control surveyors.
Building Notice
We suggest that for any building work which affects the layout of
a building you should submit a full plans application, but if you
are certain that you do not require formal approval of plans, and
the building is not affected by the RRO, you have the option of
choosing to submit a Building Notice.
As plans are not formally approved, our surveyors will
concentrate their checking of the regulations at site inspections.
However, you lose the assurance of building in accordance with
approved plans and there may be delays to your project if work
is found not to comply.
A Building Notice should be accompanied by the appropriate fee.
If you do not send plans with the Building Notice and we decide
we need them to determine if the work is likely to comply with
the regulations, we will require them to be provided. This may be
the case where a change in layout of any building is proposed.
We will attempt to comment on your drawings in the same
timescales as for Full Plans Applications.
We need 48 hours notice of a commencement of a scheme
under a Building Notice.
Site Inspections
The purpose of our site inspections is not clear to everybody.
Many householders believe that we check the quality of their
builder's work. Some builders believe we will tell them exactly
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