Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 58

What is the difference between Planning
and Building Regulations permission?
Building regulations permission is entirely separate from planning
permission. Planning permission does not give you building
regulations permission (nor does building regulations permission
give you planning permission). Building Regulations deals with
how a development is constructed for example, foundations,
compliance with fire safety regulations etc.
It is your responsibility to find out what consent you need. If you
are in any doubt, please ask us. We are here to offer free
guidance to you.
Further information is available on the Planning Portal website:
Building Control background
The following information is intended to provide advice on
Building Control procedures and the areas of responsibility of
Gateshead Council’s Building Control Service.
Building Regulations first came about after the Great Fire of
London in 1666 with the London Building Act which tried to
improve the methods of building and health issues.
Today the regulations have changed beyond recognition but still
aim to address issues of public health and welfare, safety of
people in and around buildings, energy conservation and also to
provide access and facilities for disabled people.
The regulations lay down minimum building standards, which
have evolved over the years. However the present regulations
include detailed advice and guidance with the main requirements.
Building Control
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