Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 51

Guide to Development Management at Gateshead
Q. How long will it take before I get a decision
on a formal application?
Applications relating to domestic properties will normally be
determined in 4-8 weeks. Due to their complex nature
applications affecting commercial properties may take a little
longer. In any event we will aim to determine all standard
applications (known as ‘minor’ or ‘other’ applications) within 8
weeks and all 'major' applications within 13 weeks (16 weeks for
applications supported by an Environmental Assessment).
Q. If my application is refused can I appeal
against the decision?
Yes, you have up to 6 months from the date of the decision
issue to appeal against a refused application but only 12 weeks
in relation to an application refused for a domestic extension.
Forms can be obtained online via the Planning Inspectorate
website or by writing to: Planning Inspectorate, 3/24 Hawk Wing,
Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay,
Bristol, BS1 6PN
Q. Can I discuss the application with an officer?
Yes, we have two development information officers and a duty
officer available at our reception currently on the second floor
(with lift access) of the Civic Centre. The opening hours are
currently Monday- Thursday 8.30am to 5pm, Friday 8.30am
to 4.30pm.
If you wish to discuss the application with a specific case officer
you will need to make a prior appointment to avoid
disappointment as they will not necessarily be available if you
call without an appointment.
Q. When are Planning Committees held and can I
attend / speak?
Planning Committees are normally held every third
Wednesday in the Bridges Room on the first floor in the Civic
Centre. If you wish to speak for or against an application you will
need to make sure this is absolutely clearly made in writing
within your representation on the application. Only two persons
can speak for and against and this is on a first come first served
basis but substitutions are allowed where these have been
requested in writing in advance of the meeting. If there are two
speakers they must be raising separate issues to the other
speaker. Committees normally start at either 10am or 6pm.
Q. What applications go to Planning and
Development Committee?
Not all applications go before Committee. Approximately 90%
of planning applications are determined under what is known as
delegated powers. This means that the decision on whether or
not to approve an application has been passed to the Head of
Development and Public Protection whose officers make a
recommendation that requires agreement by the Assistant
Development Manager and subsequently the Development
Manager prior to issue.
Most major applications are reported to Planning and
Development Committee as are those with three or more
objections, those where a Councillor has requested in writing
that it be reported to Committee or those which in the opinion of
the Head of Development and Public Protection should be
reported to Committee.
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