Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 50

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. Where can I see plans relating to an application I am
interested in?
You can view plans online through the Council’s Public
Access system via the planning pages of Gateshead Council’s
You can also register on the system and be informed of
applications in a geographical area or “track” applications
progress from submission to decision.
For current applications you can also come to the Council’s
reception at the Civic Centre quoting the application reference
Q. How do I comment on an application?
It must be in writing either by a letter quoting the application
reference number. An email is also acceptable or you can
comment online using the Public Access system (see above).
Q. Do I always need planning permission?
If you are ever in doubt as to whether planning permission
is required, it is best to contact Development Management.
Do not take a chance and follow the advice of other parties
as they may not know for sure. For example, you may live in
a house that had its permitted development rights removed.
We will be happy to give you informal and impartial advice.
Do not assume because a neighbour has done something
similar without permission you can do it too. Your neighbour
may not have permission and needed it or there may be
different histories or conditions affecting each property.
Planning permission is not required for all types and scales
of development.
Q. How do I get pre-application advice and what is the cost?
You can get advice from us by using the appropriate form
depending on the nature and scale of your proposal and
attaching any supporting information. The more you give us the
better our advice will be. We will normally respond in 25 days.
The forms and information are available on the planning pages of
our website or at our reception. The fees depend on the scale of
the proposal and scale up from householder proposals to
strategic schemes.
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