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At the beginning of the meeting Members will agree the minutes
of the previous meeting and normally declare any interests in
relation to the Committee business of the day; they may choose
to declare interests when a particular item is about to
be discussed.
The Chair will normally explain the speaking protocol to those
attending on the day to speak. The Chair will ask the officer
to introduce the application which will include key photographs
and plans and then give an opportunity for members of the
Committee to ask questions of the officer. Any ward councillors
who have requested to speak in writing will then be allowed to
speak, followed by spokesperson(s) (maximum of two raising
separate issues) opposed to the application and then the
applicant/agent and/or supporter (maximum of two raising
separate issues) who will be allowed to speak in support.
Members of the Committee may ask questions of all those
making verbal representations. You will not be allowed to
circulate material for consideration on the day except in
exceptional circumstances at the Chair’s discretion.
Finally, the Committee will discuss the proposal and a
member will move a recommendation (which needs to be
seconded) and a vote will be taken. The Committee vote
will be the decision taken.
The decision will normally be to grant permission, minded to
grant permission (subject to a legal agreement or such like),
refuse permission or defer their decision for either a Committee
site inspection or some other reason such as additional
information being required for further consideration.
What happens after the Committee?
When the Committee has decided the application you can
either remain in the meeting if you are interested in any other
applications or leave. Formal written notification of the decision
will be sent to any interested person who has written a
representation letter on the application a few days later.
If permission has been granted there will normally be the need to
discharge planning conditions if you are the applicant. This is
done through the delegated powers of the Head of Development
and Public Protection unless members wish a specific condition
(or conditions) to come back to be considered by Committee.
If permission is refused then the applicant may appeal to the
Planning Inspectorate or seek to amend their proposal to overcome
the reasons for refusal with a new application (or both).
If the matter is deferred for a Planning and Development
Committee site visit, members will normally determine the
application at the next meeting following that visit. The visit is
simply a fact finding mission to allow members to view the
site; members will not debate or consider the application on the
site visit but will get to see the issues raised. Third parties will
not be invited to the visit but contact may need to be made
with the applicant and parties if access to land and property
is required.
As well as the applications, officers report current enforcement,
appeal and section 106 agreements to members at the meeting
as well as any legislative updates or key information. Every year
a members’ training programme is timetabled so the Committee
is kept up to date with planning matters. There are also a number
of pre-application slots where developers can bring schemes to
members’ attention in advance of a formal application at the end
of a Committee meeting. All members of the Council are invited
to training sessions and pre-application presentation slots.
Following the Planning and Development Committee, Democratic
Services produce the minutes which are available publicly and
will be presented to members at the next meeting.
If an application is refused you have a right of appeal as an
applicant through the Planning Inspectorate.
However we would recommend that you contact us prior to
lodging your appeal. Some issues can be resolved through minor
alterations to proposals provided that:
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