Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 46

What's involved?
As stated above, some applications, usually major or particularly
complex will be heard at Planning and Development Committee
which sits usually on a three week cycle. In these cases the
officer makes a recommendation to the Committee but it is the
Committee vote that makes the final decision.
It has been the practice of Gateshead Council for some time to
agree to hear representations by applicants and other interested
parties concerning planning applications at the meetings of the
Planning and Development Committee. There is no right to speak
at the Committee but the Council like to be inclusive in its
decision making and have set out a protocol for speaking set out
in our “Having Your Say” leaflet available on the planning pages
of the Council’s website, by post or at our reception at the
Civic Centre.
What happens at Planning
and Development Committee?
The Committee meeting is governed by the Chair who is
supported by the Vice-Chair and the members of the Committee.
The Chair sits with officers to support him/her including the
Democratic Services Officer, Development Law Manager,
Development Manager and Assistant Development Manager.
There is an area for the public and interested parties to sit,
an area for the Committee members and an area for other
supporting officers and the press.
Planning and Development Committee
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