Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 45

Guide to Development Management at Gateshead
Locally Listed Buildings
The Council has an approved list of buildings and a list of parks and gardens
which it considers to be of special local architectural or historic interest and will
encourage their recognition and conservation. The list is contained within the
current Development Plan for Gateshead. Unlike conservation areas or listed
buildings there are no special planning controls to protect such buildings, parks
and gardens but their local interest will be a material planning consideration when
assessing planning applications affecting them.
Tree Preservation Orders
The Council has specific powers to protect trees by making Tree Preservation Orders
(TPOs). TPOs are made by the Council to protect those trees which make a special
contribution to the amenity of an area and which are considered to be under threat.
The aim of TPOs are to prevent unnecessary felling and pruning and to ensure
where felling is permitted, replacement tree(s) are planted.
Trees within conservation areas are also protected by their conservation area status
and you are also advised to check any planning permissions you have on your land
(including historic permissions) which may stipulate the retention of certain trees or
landscaping features.
If you have any specific queries regarding trees, landscaping, high hedges and the
like please contact the Arboricultural Officer within Development Management on
(0191) 4333456
Advertisement Consent
You will require advertisement consent for the display of certain adverts or signage
dependant on size and illumination. These will be assessed on visual amenity and
highway safety considerations only, not on content. Not all signs and adverts
require consent. We offer a charged pre-application service for adverts.
Please contact the Development Information Officers for advice
(0191) 433 3416
(0191) 433 3150
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