Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 44

which it is desirable to preserve or enhance’. It is the special
quality or interest of an area as a whole that the Council wishes
to preserve.
Very careful consideration is given to all new development within a
Conservation Area. Applicants are encouraged to produce
imaginative, high quality design solutions appropriate to their context
that would preserve or positively enhance the character of the area.
If you live in a Conservation Area, the designation imposes certain
restrictions on what alterations you can make to your house. You
may also require Conservation Area Consent to demolish a
building in a Conservation Area depending on its size.
An Article 4 Direction removing permitted development rights
was served in Saltwell Conservation Area in January 2011.
Most work will now require planning permission.
For further information please contact the Conservation Team on
Tel: (
0191) 4333510
Listed Buildings
Listed Building Consent is required for the demolition or any
works to alter or extend which affects the internal and external
character or appearance of a listed building.
The Council has to decide if the work will affect the character of
a listed building and it is important to consider this before
undertaking any works.
Given the sensitivity of both conservation areas and listed
buildings you are advised to always seek pre-application advice
as works to listed buildings and works within conservation areas
will require a much greater level of sensitivity of detail and can
often be more costly as a result.
For further information please contact the Conservation Team on
Tel: (
0191) 4333510
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