Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 42

The case officer may request alterations to improve the
application. However we would encourage this to happen at
pre-application stage given the Council have a statutory duty to
issue decisions in 8 weeks for minor applications and 13 weeks
for major applications and all case officers are required to make
their recommendations within that time. If you are using an
agent, all our correspondence and contact will be through your
agent, unless we are informed differently in writing.
If the changes requested and received are significant then
neighbours may be re-consulted depending on the nature and
scale of change. This is at the discretion of the case officer and
will depend on his/her view as to the impact of the changes.
Any reconsultation may not necessarily need to be for 21 days
and a 14, 10 or 7 day reconsultation may be appropriate.
The case officer will then write a report based on the
development and its assessment against the development
plan policies and any other material considerations. Material
considerations include those representations made by interested
parties including residents and statutory consultees (for
example the Highways Agency). The officer will then make a
recommendation to either grant planning permission subject to
planning conditions or to refuse planning permission.
Please note that whilst an officer makes a recommendation this
will first need checked by the Assistant Development Manager
(or Senior Planner) and signed off by the Development Manager
(or Assistant Development Manager). You should not assume
you have planning permission (or don’t have permission) until
you are in receipt of the decision notice.
What will we consider?
All comments received will be considered before the decision on
the application is reached. All comments on planning
applications are available for viewing on the case file and are
public. In both delegated and Committee reports, a précis is
made to comments received as it would be unwieldy to replicate
every letter in a report.
There is often some confusion about what the Local Planning
Authority takes into account when it considers comments on
applications. The Local Planning Authority can only determine
applications within the guidelines set by government. Comments
on a planning application can only be taken into account if they
relate to material (relevant) planning considerations. The most
common of these are shown below (this list is not exhaustive):
Statements of national planning policy (including National
Planning Policy Framework, Circulars, orders and statutory
instruments etc)
The Development Plan in force at the time
Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) such as the
Gateshead Place Making Guide SPD and the Householders’
Alterations and Extensions SPD
Loss of light or overshadowing
Overlooking/loss of privacy
Visual amenity (but not loss of view)
Highway safety
Amenity impacts (e.g. noise and odour),
appearance and materials.
We cannot take into account matters which are sometimes
raised but not normal planning considerations such as (this list
is also not exhaustive):
The fear of loss of property value.
Private/ownership disputes between neighbours.
The loss of a view.
The impact of construction work or competition
between firms.
Restrictive covenants.
Personal morals or views about the applicant.
Where other legislation imposes control e.g.
Building or Fire Control or Health and Safety.
Please note that the material considerations relevant to any
particular application will need to be weighed in the final decision
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