Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 41

Guide to Development Management at Gateshead
When an application is received and valid it is then allocated by
the Assistant Development Manager to a case officer according
to the borough area in most cases.
In parallel, consultations will be sent out by the Technical
Support team to appropriate consultees including neighbouring
landowners and properties. We ask for all comments to be sent
back by consultees within 21 days. If responses are received
after that date and a decision has not yet been taken those
responses will still be taken into account but late responses run
the risk of a decision having already been made.
The case officer will have an initial check of the proposal and
double check they are happy that the application is valid and that
appropriate consultations have been sent out.
The case officer will always visit the site (normally within 14 working
days) and take key photographs and if necessary display a site
notice (for example in relation to development in Conservation Areas).
The case officer will have one to one meetings with the Assistant
Development Manager and/or Development Manager through the
application process if he/she thinks it necessary to seek advice
or an opinion.
The Planning Application Process
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