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necessary drawn to an appropriate scale. We will check that
each of the plans tally with one another. We will also check that
any necessary supporting documents are submitted with the
application. If everything is received, the application is valid and
passed to the Assistant Development Manager to allocate to a
case officer. If information is missing or incorrect, the
application will be held as invalid and we will write to you
(normally in three days) to confirm what is required to make
your application valid.
Calculating your planning fee
Planning fees for planning applications are set by central
government and vary depending on the nature of the
development you wish to carry out. Details of current planning
fees are available on our website (fees are set nationally not by
Gateshead Council). Alternatively you can use the electronic fee
calculator available from Planning Portal.
Ways of Applying for Planning Permission
Gateshead Council welcomes and actively encourages the
submission of applications online through our partnership with
the government’s Planning Portal website and currently (April
2012), 45% are received this way. Planning Portal seeks to
promote the use of online planning services. You can fill out an
application, submit electronic drawing attachments and pay your
fee electronically.
What are the benefits to you of online submissions?
Your application will be fast tracked to us the same day.
You will not need to submit a hard copy of the application.
The application will be checked for completeness at the point
the application is submitted, reducing the likelihood of the
application being deemed invalid on receipt.
and, perhaps most importantly, it should save you money.
The Planning Portal Guide will take you through the online
submission process from selecting the appropriate forms and
attaching documents to formally submitting the application. Our
application forms are also available to download on line on the
planning pages of the Gateshead Council website at
By Post
Alternatively paper versions of forms and accompanying
guidance notes can be obtained from Development Management,
Development and Public Protection, Gateshead Council, Civic
Centre, Regent Street, Gateshead, NE8 1HH.
You can also submit proposals by hand to the Civic Centre at our
reception on the second floor.
We Can Help
If you would like any assistance submitting your application we
will be glad to help.
Please phone us on
(0191) 433 3416
(0191) 433 3150
or, alternatively, call in at our reception (currently on the second
floor of the Civic Centre) and we will be happy to help guide you
with your submission.
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