Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 39

Guide to Development Management at Gateshead
Deciding what you need to
submit to support your
As part of Gateshead Council's objective
of trying to continuously improve services,
we are seeking to ensure that applications
for planning permission (and other types
of consent) contain all the information
needed by the Local Planning Authority to
make a decision from the point at which
they are registered.
This helps planning officers to deal with the
application efficiently. It also ensures that
third party consultees can have a full picture
of what is being proposed and in the long
run should help to obtain a speedier decision.
When your application is received it will be
checked for accuracy and for the fullness of
the information supplied. It will not be
registered as a valid application if relevant
information is missing.
For guidance on what you will need to
submit with your application please go to our
Validation Checklist on our website.
Validation is the process by which we check
you or your agent has completed the forms
correctly, given the appropriate signatures
including land ownership. We will also check
we have a correct site location plan outlined
in red and that we have all the other plans
Making a Planning Application
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