Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 38

The case officer can only offer advice on
planning matters.
Planning permission does not override the need to
obtain any necessary approvals under the Building
Regulations, Party Wall Act or any other relevant
legislation (such as Licensing) but we will always
try and ensure we give as comprehensive a
response as possible.
Separate approval may also be required in other
areas, including restrictive covenants on the
property or land, shared agreements, agreement of
landlord, easements on the land, rights of way over
the land.
If you are a developer of a major scheme, the
Council offers the opportunity to present your
proposals to members at a pre-application slot
following Planning and Development Committee
meetings so that members can be aware of
schemes and ask questions prior to a proposal
being made formally. If you feel your scheme
would benefit from this please contact one of the
Assistant Development Managers on
4333473 or (0191) 4332347
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