Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 37

Guide to Development Management at Gateshead
It may be that we can tell you that based on the information
received the proposal design looks acceptable, but there may be
fundamental information requirements to be seen before we can
confirm that a development would be acceptable (for example
a flood risk assessment if the area is in an area of flood risk, or
a retail impact assessment for a retail proposal outside of a centre).
We will also tell you what information is required to make your
application valid and will seek to discuss potential planning
conditions we may impose to make the development is
acceptable (for example to ensure a window is obscurely
glazed), as well as the requirement for any legal agreement to
make the development acceptable.
It should be clearly understood that the advice given will not bind
the Council to making a particular decision and that any views
expressed are those of the officer.
Until a formal application is made it is unlikely all relevant
information will be to hand, neither will formal consultations with
interested parties have taken place including any neighbouring
landowners. We often find that important information that is not
with us at pre-application stage is either not received at
application stage (and therefore the application is invalid) or that
the information is received but is not agreed by the Council.
This is why to make the best use of pre-application discussions
it is important to give as much information as possible
including any draft supporting documents and studies,
(for example Transport Assessments, Sustainability Statements
or Flood Risk Assessments).
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