Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 36

Make sure the proposal requires planning permission. The
Council offers free advice (website and advice notes) and a
charged service to see if you require planning permission or not.
For details see the Pre-Application Advice and Guides on the
planning pages of our website or call into the Civic Centre.
You can carry out a planning history check for your site. This
may identify previously unsuccessful applications that may inform
you whether to proceed further with your proposal. It will save
you time if a similar proposal has been refused permission and
the planning policy and/or the site characteristics or considerations
have not changed significantly since that refusal decision.
Check the Development Plan to see if there are any policies
relating to the site and/or the proposal. This will give you a clear
indication as to the acceptability or otherwise of a proposal. All
development should accord with the development plan in force
unless material planning considerations outweigh those policies
in the plan. The Development Plan can be inspected at the Civic
Check the Council’s website as we have some pre prepared
planning advice notes for certain types of development (for
example taxi uses, hot food take aways and shop fronts to
name but a few). We also have a Householder Alterations and
Extensions Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which
will guide you through appropriate designs for domestic
extensions including those in conservation areas and will be
the document which applications for extensions and alterations
will be judged against.
It may be that there is sufficient information within the
documents above to enable you to make a planning application
submission without needing to seek pre-application advice.
Consult with the owners/occupiers of neighbouring property
and/or land. Try to seek the views of neighbours and look to
produce proposals that not only accord with Council policies and
guidance but also take account of neighbours’ views before you
submit your proposals, as it may well help with the speed of
your application as well as being courteous to your neighbours.
How do I then make a pre-application enquiry?
It may be that after you have completed the above you feel that
there is enough information for you to make a formal planning
application without getting specific pre application advice.
If this is not the case then you should submit a pre-application
enquiry. Such an enquiry will depend on the nature and
complexity of your development and the fees and information
requirements are proportionate to the scale of the development.
Each different category of development has its own form and
supporting information that is required including details of
timescales of response and any meetings that would be required
for more complex major schemes.
For full details see the Pre-Application Advice and Guides on the
planning pages of our website or call into the Civic Centre.
It is important that you provide us with a clear and
comprehensive submission.
The more information you can provide, the more meaningful
our response will be. It may be appropriate to engage the
services of an architect and/or a planning consultant to assist
you with this. We are not able to recommend architects or
planning consultants to you.
We have a duty to make effective use of our resources.
Consequently we can only give pre-application advice where
details have been submitted in writing and in accordance with
the requirements above.
What advice will I get?
The advice you get should tell you:
Whether the proposal is supported in principle with any changes
required to improve the application. It may be that we tell you the
scheme is unacceptable and the reasons why.
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