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Guide to Development Management at Gateshead
Effective pre-application consultation is desirable if applications
for development are to be determined within the time scales
expected by central government and if you want to gain some
confidence as to the likely success of your project obtaining the
necessary consents.
Such consultation can provide greater speed and certainty
for the applicant and help Gateshead Council by reducing the
need for extensive dialogue with you or your agent after the
application has been submitted and accepted as a valid formal
planning application.
As of April 2011 Gateshead Council started to charge a fee for
pre-application advice to recover part of the costs of this work
(which can be resource intensive), to focus on schemes that
were serious and provide a quicker and more effective service.
Why should I seek pre-application advice?
You can submit a Pre-Application enquiry on all types
of development.
There are key benefits of using our Pre-Application service:-
On large scale or complex developments Gateshead Council
can offer a project managed approach to dealing with
enquiries where specialist officers will be made available to
address particular issues; this is called the Development
Team Approach.
The Council can offer general advice and comment on
whether the scheme is likely to receive a positive
recommendation and make suggestions as to changes
or additional information required before the application
is submitted.
Particular issues with the development can be identified and
taken account of when submitting the application. This
should speed up the formal decision making process for the
developer and provide a clearer view of what is under
consideration for consultees.
Costly and time-consuming amendments which may lead to
re-consultation can be minimised.
Officers will be available to check the application for validity
and completeness as the scheme is finalised. This should
ensure that the application is not held up prior to registration.
Before you seek Pre Application Advice
You are advised to do some background work before you
approach the Council about your development proposal at pre-
application stage.
The amount of work that will be necessary will depend upon the
nature of your proposal and the site characteristics.
Pre Application Advice
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