Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 32

Deciding on whether you need planning permission depends on
the nature and scale of the development you wish to carry out.
Householder development
Changes to the permitted development rights for householders
have been made by central government over the past few years.
The changes are designed to simplify the process and give a
greater allowance of development that can be carried out without
the need for planning permission (although in almost all cases
you will require building regulations approval for the construction).
Some development can be carried out as ‘permitted
development’ without the need for a planning application.
Information is available from Development Management
including free advice on our website as to whether you require
planning permission or not. If you prefer, we offer charged
advice where we can check for you and provide informal advice.
If you wish to have a legally binding document as to whether
your proposal would require permission, you should submit a
formal application for a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Use.
If you wish to get an informal written view as to whether or not
your household extension actually requires permission you can
complete a simple form.
You will also need to include:
Site Location Plan at 1:1250 with the site edged in red
Existing and Proposed Site Plans drawn to scale (1:100 or
1:200) showing details of existing buildings, access, parking,
trees and hedgerows
Indicative plans of the proposed development drawn to
scale (1:100 or 1:200) to include plans and elevations
Photographs of the site if available
Further information may be obtained from the planning section
of the Council’s website (see Pre Application Advice) or from
the Communities and Local Government website
aking a Planning Application” or
via the Planning Portal. This has a handy tool to give general
guidance, using the interactive house where you can get broad
information on what does and what does not require planning
permission including projects like boundaries and outbuildings
as well as extensions. Please remember however the Planning
Portal can not tell you whether the permitted development rights
were removed from your property when it was first built.
Is Planning Permission Needed?
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