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Guide to Development Management at Gateshead
Virtual NewcastleGateshead offers a wide range of benefits to
developers of major schemes which include:
The ability to accurately assess (and present graphically) the
visual impact of development proposals from an infinite
number of viewpoints within the model.
A more effective and accurate communication tool for
engaging with stakeholders.
The ability to produce walk-through animations as
well as still images.
Efficiencies gained through the provision of 3D development
proposals to agreed standards and protocols (e.g. the
removal of 'uncertainty of accuracy').
The ability to accurately assess (and present graphically)
some of the environmental impacts of development proposals
(e.g. sun path analysis, traffic impacts).
A cost effective way of understanding the wider context of
planning applications and saving duplication of effort.
Access to the wider context 3D data reduces costs.
The provision of still images from key viewpoints within the city
model is one of the core services provided by Virtual
NewcastleGateshead. This facility gives developers and their
architects the ability to present accurate visuals of their
proposals, in context, for the purposes of evaluating the visual
impact of a proposed development on its surroundings from any
given viewpoint. This is particularly important when dealing with
developments in sensitive areas or where they will impact on
landmarks, strategic views, or skylines. They have been
used to great effect presenting proposals at Planning and
Development Committee.
For more information and contact details go to the Virtual
NewcastleGateshead website at
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