Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 26

making. In addition in, March 2014 the Government published
the National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG) which gives more
comprehensive guidance on how to interpret national policy
and practice.
At Gateshead the current adopted Development Plans are the
“saved” policies from the Unitary Development Plan (UDP).
However the local policy picture is changing as the Core Strategy
and Urban Core Plan will lead to other Development Plan
Documents that will replace the UDP and become the new policy
framework upon which planning applications are judged against.
The policy framework is very important as it is against this
policy that we must consider development proposals including
any other material planning considerations. Planning applications
will be considered against NPPF policy and NPPG guidance,
saved policies in the UDP, adopted Supplementary Planning
Documents and any other material planning considerations.
However more weight will be given to the Local Plan Documents
as they progress through the adoption process.
Gateshead also has an Area Regeneration team of planners
who project manage regeneration in the following priority
areas and have set up project boards to oversee this work:
Chopwell, Bensham & Teams, Dunston, Brandling, Felling,
Chandless, Deckham, Sunderland Road, Birtley, Beacon Lough
and the borough-wide Local Centres’ Project.
This work to deliver the Council’s vision could take between five
and ten years and involves a team of planners project managing
these sites as part of a broader Development Management remit.
The Council’s Structure in relation to Planning
From the bottom up here is an explanation as to the planning
structure at Gateshead Council (April 2012).
Development Management is within Development and Public
Protection at Gateshead, made up of chartered town planners,
non chartered planners, professional urban design and
arboricultural officers and a technical support team who
support both planning and building control.
Development and Public Protection is a service within the
Development and Enterprise Group of the Council. Development
and Public Protection is led by a Head of Service and includes:
Development Management, Spatial Planning (which includes a
team of planners whose role is strategic spatial planning and the
creation of the Development Plan), Building Control (see below),
Licensing, Trading Standards and Environmental Health.
Development and Enterprise led by the Group Director
includes: Development and Public Protection, Property and
Design, Transport Strategy and Economic & Housing Growth
(which includes a team of planners responsible for projects
and the delivery through Area Regeneration and includes
Economic Development).
Due to budget setting and cuts there have been a number of
changes to the services and their names and this may well
continue as part of seeking efficiencies and savings for the
Council whilst maintaining services to customers.
The Group Director of Development and Enterprise is part of the
senior management team at Gateshead Council reporting to the
Chief Executive.
Development Management
The teams operate on an area basis along the corporate Area
Neighbourhood Boundaries.
The two area teams are:
1. Central and South – generally the area
south from Gateshead Quays to Birtley
2. West, Inner West and East – generally the
area east of the Stadium and west of the A1.
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