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Development Management is a positive and proactive approach
to shaping, determining and delivering development proposals
working with those proposing development and other
stakeholders. It supports key priorities and outcomes in a spirit
of partnership and inclusiveness.
The process of Development Management is much more than
the determination of planning applications. It is about a culture
of efficiently managing development through its life from pre
application advice to the application assessment, the final
decision, the discharge of conditions, site monitoring and finally
reviewing successes and failures to feed those back through the
planning policy. This route is to constantly improve our
environment through proactive delivery and by resisting poor
development both in terms of location and in design terms.
The Development Management team assess proposals. It is a
process governed by law, and can be complex. Development
Management also provides a service to local communities.
Its objective is to ensure that changes to our physical
surroundings – buildings and land – are right for their purpose
and location.
The policy framework against which decisions are made is
changing. Gone are the regional strategies such as the Regional
Spatial Strategy for the North East. The old Planning Policy
Guidance Notes (PPGs) and Planning Policy Statements (PPSs)
have been replaced by a single document called the National
Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which was issued in late
March 2012. The NPPF is a more concise document which will
be used as a basis to guide local policy formulation and decision
Development Management
Guide to Development Management at Gateshead
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