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Getting Involved
Gateshead has always encouraged communities to have a voice
and this is embedded in our Council strategies, all of which lead
towards Vision 2030, our Sustainable Community Strategy.
The value of early and continued involvement of local
communities in the planning system has been recognised for
some time. Working with local people has become more
important with the passing of the Planning and Compulsory
Purchase Act (2004), which seeks to increase community
involvement. Gateshead Council already has an adopted
Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) which sets
out how the Council intends to involve the community in
preparing development plans and making decisions on
planning applications.
Many people’s first introduction to planning is when they wish
to extend their own home or to comment on an application near
to them (often a neighbour’s proposal); however planning is a
much bigger picture than this.
In England all planning decisions should be in compliance
with the development plan unless there are material planning
considerations of such weight that they would “outweigh”
the policies within the adopted development plan.
For Gateshead the current adopted development plan are the
saved policies (2010) in the Unitary Development Plan (adopted
in 2007) which sets out the land allocations and policies that
application proposals are judged against and therefore is the
document of most importance.
The Unitary Development Plan is to be replaced in the near future
by documents that will make up the Local Plan. Gateshead
Council has worked with Newcastle City Council to form what
is called a “Planning for the Future Core Strategy and Urban
Core for Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne 2010-2030’”
to be adopted in 2015. This will form the basis of setting the
strategic planning policy context for development in both
Gateshead and Newcastle.
More often than not people only get interested in planning
when they have a project of their own or when they receive a
consultation about a development that may affect them. However
at its very heart, planning starts at the plan making stage and
the Local Plan affect residents and businesses in Gateshead
every bit as much, if not more, than the detailed proposals
which form a planning application.
Gateshead Council encourage all residents, businesses and
interest groups to get involved in the Local Plan process.
Extensive consultation and debate has been carried out to gather
people’s comments on those plans before setting the policies
that will govern future development patterns and be used to
assess individual applications.
Please contact the Spatial Planning team for more details about
the Local Plan:
(0191) 4333415
. Or visit
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