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What is Planning?
The above development projects and future proposals are all well and good
but what is planning?
Planning is the system by which the use and development of land is
managed for the benefit of all the community (for uses such as housing,
schools, shops, offices, factories, airports and community facilities).
The overall aim of the system is to ensure a balance between enabling
development to take place and conserving and protecting the environment
and local amenity. The idea is to create better places for people to live, work
and enjoy.
Planning can be very emotive and whatever decision is taken on a planning
application, it is likely to impact on an applicant, an objector or a supporter
of a scheme in a positive or negative way dependant on the outcome.
The same can be true when land is allocated for a certain use in the
Development Plan as there are often contrary views and interpretation of
planning policy. People have aspirations as to what the land they own will be
allocated for or even concerns about how neighbouring land is allocated and
the future implications of that land use.
The complex policy framework, the desire for consistency and case law
following appeals and legal challenges of decisions can make planning
difficult to understand for many people. These complexities can lead to delay
and/or the perception of the “wrong” decision and all this can give planning
a bad name.
Used positively however, planning is a tool that can help shape the borough
into a better place with better homes, schools and transport, employment
located in the right place, heritage assets protected and the promotion of
sustainable and healthy living. The role of the Local Planning Authority is to
ensure it engages with the community when developing these plans and
deciding on proposals and to ensure that development is undertaken in a
sustainable way and that decisions are taken in the public interest.
General Introduction to Planning
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