Guide to Development Management at Gateshead - page 20

homes, helping regenerate neighbourhoods and green spaces.
Residents will play an important role in shaping the future of
Gateshead's housing market.
The Council has now selected ‘Evolution Gateshead’ (a consortium
of Galliford Try and HOME) as its preferred developer for the
Joint Venture. Planners in Development Management and Area
Regeneration Team in the Development and Enterprise group of
the Council have been involved in the procurement process and
will have an important role to play in delivering the quality
housing sites over the coming years.
Gateshead International Stadium has been enhanced with a new
stand and new reception, media and café facilities as well as
new public realm works to the gateway to the stadium.
Estate Renewal
The Council is currently in the process of demolishing the
following estates and is developing new family homes at:
• Dunston Rocket and Maisonettes
• Chandless
• Brandling
• Bleach Green
• Clasper Village
Exemplar Neighbourhood
The Exemplar Neighbourhood will be a new residential
neighbourhood providing sustainable high-quality, family-friendly
homes centred around green spaces and a new City Boulevard,
meeting the needs of those who want to live in a safe, accessible
and vibrant area close to jobs, services and amenities.
It is located immediately south of Gateshead shopping and
business districts, covering the area between High Street (South)
and the Felling Bypass. It will provide more than 700 new homes
over the next 20+ years, beginning with the Freight Depot site
where work has started to prepare the site for construction.
That site (see schematic site layout plan on page 19) is part of a
package of sites which forms part of the Housing Joint Venture
between a private developer and the Council to deliver a number
of housing sites across Gateshead (see below).
Gateshead Council’s Housing Joint Venture
Gateshead Council identified 19 sites, totalling approximately 62
hectares, across Gateshead as prime for development over the
next 15 to 20 years. The opportunity exists to create 2,400 new
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