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Guide to Development Management at Gateshead
Gateshead covers an area of 142 square kilometres. Latest ONS
estimates indicate that Gateshead’s population has increased by
around 8,600 in the past decade, to around 200,200 in 2012
(ONS midyear population estimates 2012). CLG estimates
based on 2011 Census data indicate there are around 89,400
households (CLG 2011-based Interim Household Projections).
Its area is 142 square kilometres. In terms of households, there
are 85,000 projections which anticipate steady growth in the
total population, with continued immigration, and an increase in
people living longer.
Data obtained by the Council from Cambridge Econometrics
indicates employment in the Borough in 2010 was represented in
the following broad sector groupings:
Business and financial services
Public services
Retail services and distribution
Gateshead is one of the best-connected areas of the North
East and its transport interchange is one of the busiest hubs.
Not only does it have good access to the Tyne and Wear Metro
light rail system but it is also a short distance from Newcastle
Central Station and the East Coast Main Line, with links to
London King's Cross, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The journey from
London King's Cross can take as little as 2hrs 38 mins.
Newcastle International Airport is linked by the Metro travel
system or just a short taxi ride away. It serves arrivals from
72 domestic destinations and 62 European destinations, as
well as operating services to international hub airports including
Heathrow, Amsterdam and Dubai. There are six daily flights to
London Heathrow as well as to Gatwick.
In addition, there is the main A1 road network connecting
Gateshead to London and Scotland, along with ferry connections
via North Shields to continental Europe.
Local ports contribute to the logistics of transport on a
commercial basis. The ports facing Scandinavia and continental
Europe offer deep-water berths and excellent cargo-handling
for importers and exporters.
Key Facts and Statistics About Gateshead
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