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It is the Council’s statement of intent along with our strategic
partners, to make Gateshead the best place to live, work
and visit.
It sets out our six big ideas: City of Gateshead, Gateshead Goes
Global, Creative Gateshead, Sustainable Gateshead, Active and
Health Gateshead and Gateshead Volunteers.
The Council has aligned its own Council Plan to deliver these
outcomes. Service Plans, Team Plans and each member of staff
has an appraisal and development plan geared toward Vision 2030.
Planning has a huge part to play as the planning process
touches everyone’s lives in one way or another and is embedded
in all the six big ideas of Vision 2030.
Spatial Planning and the creation of the new Local Plan, will be
the spatial representation of Vision 2030, guiding development to
achieve the aspirations and outcomes of Gateshead Council and
its partners.
The Area Regeneration team project-manage longer term
key regeneration sites to secure physical and economic
improvements to areas of need. Area Regeneration aligns itself
not only with the spatial planning and development management
teams but is an integral part of the Council’s Economic and
Housing Growth Service which includes Economic Development
teams which support business and deliver sustainable
employment opportunities.
On the delivery side, the Development Management team and
their assessment of pre application proposals and applications,
leads to the physical representation of positive planning,
new homes, schools, businesses, leisure centres and parks.
High quality sustainable design, inclusive communities and
employment opportunities for all can all be delivered through
the planning system to achieve our high aspirations.
Place shaping through planning is key to the success of
Gateshead, rejecting poor development and progressing good
development quickly. Aligning planning with economic
development opportunity and the creation of employment is
another key priority, as well as using planning and the design
of places and buildings to improve people’s health and feeling
of wellbeing.
This guide is to assist all our customers so as to understand
what planning is, the processes that underpin it, how to get
involved, relationships with other development services and
provide other places where customers can get more information.
We hope you find the guide useful.
Guide to Development Management at Gateshead
Gateshead – Place Shaping Toward Vision 2030
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