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your baby and you
We want things to go smoothly when you leave hospital.
For this reason, making plans to leave should start at the
beginning of your stay in hospital. You and your partner
should also think about transport home.
Discharge Arrangements
When you go home you will be given details of your birth record to give to
your Midwife, GP and Health Visitor. The Midwife will also give you the baby’s
Red Book and contact numbers. Please make sure that the midwife knows the
address you are going home to and your contact number as we will be arranging
for the community team to visit you.
Depending on the type of delivery you have, if you and your baby are both
well, it is possible to go home between two and twelve hours after the birth.
If you have a Caesarean section it is more usual to stay in hospital for 2-3 days
after the birth.
Before you go home it is important that you:
Try and arrange for someone to be at home with you to help.
Remember that you will need a baby car seat, even if you go home by taxi.
Tell the midwife if you are not returning to your normal home address. This
is important so that the community midwife can continue your postnatal care.
If you are not breast feeding, arrange for someone to set up the sterilising
kit at home.
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