Your Baby and You - page 58

You don’t need to bathe your
baby every day but you
should wash their face, neck,
hands and bottom carefully
every day. This is often called
‘topping and tailing’.
Choose a time when your
baby is awake and content.
Make sure the room is warm.
Get everything ready
beforehand. You’ll need
a bowl of warm water,
a towel, cotton wool, a
fresh nappy and, if
necessary, clean clothes.
Little Pandas Pre-school for
2-5 year olds
(Ofsted registered) 020 8680 1924
Monday to Wednesday (term time)
9.30-12.00; 12.30 – 3.00 (all day option)
Thursday term time
9.30 – 12.00
Music, songs and movement for babies and
toddlers 0-3 yrs
Fridays 10.00 – 11.30
The Salvation Army,
Croydon Citadel
Booth Road,
Croydon, CR0 1XY
Tel: 020 8680 9924
The Salvation Army
Christian Church
and Registered
Charity No 214779;
in Scotland SCO09359
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