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If I am not married to the baby’s father, can I add his details at a later date?
If your baby's birth was registered without including the natural father's details
in the register, you can apply for the birth to be re-registered at a later date.
You have two options:
If you and your partner have married each other since the baby’s birth, you
can re-register the birth so that a new birth record can be made to show
your son or daughter as a child of your marriage. To do this, you will need
to complete a form LA1 which can be obtained from the register office.
Once completed, you can make an appointment for either parent to visit the
register office to sign the new birth registration. You will need to bring a
copy of your marriage certificate along with you when you attend.
If you are unmarried and would like the natural father’s details added to the
birth record you can apply for a re-registration to be made by completing a
form GRO185 which is available from the registrar. Both parents must sign
this form and attend together to sign the new birth registration.
After the birth has been re-registered you can obtain birth certificates for
the new registration. There is a very useful website called "
Married or Not
which can be found at
hich provides at-a-glance
information on the legal differences between married and unmarried couples,
It also has direct links to other sources of information and expert advice.
It was created as part of the Government-backed campaign, Living Together,
to dispel the common law marriage myth and to better inform cohabiting
couples in England and Wales of their legal rights.
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