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your baby and you
What information will the registrar need?
The registrar will see you in private and record the baby's and parents' details.
You will be asked for the following information about your baby's birth:
The date of the birth.
Where the baby was born.
The baby’s full name.
The mother's full name.
The mother's name before she was married.
The mother's date and place of birth.
The mother's occupation.
The mother's address.
If the father's details are to be included, the registrar will need to know:
The father's full name.
The father's date and place of birth.
The father's occupation.
The father's address.
If the parents are married to each other, the registrar will also ask for:
The date of their marriage.
The number of any other children.
You will be asked to check the information recorded very carefully and sign to
say that it is correct. It is important that the registration is accurate, as any
correction of errors or mistakes discovered after the register has been signed
may cause you a lot of inconvenience to put right. We strongly recommend
that you bring forms of ID (passport etc) for each of the parents so that we
can make sure the names are recorded correctly.
Do also take care on deciding your child's name. This is particularly important
if the mother and father have different surnames as the surname given at
the time of registration cannot be changed at a later date other than by
re-registration or adoption.
What documents will the registrar give me?
The registrar will give you a short birth certificate free of charge.
Is there a charge for registering a birth?
There is no charge for registering a birth. However, it is recommended that
you purchase a full birth certificate, which includes the parents’ details. Most
organisations, including the Passport Office, now require this type of birth
certificate. The fee for a full certificate at the time of registration is £4.00.
You can purchase any number of certificates. If you apply after registration
the fee will be more.
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