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Babies born in the London Borough of Croydon need to
be registered at a Register Office within the district. Legally,
registration must take place within 42 days of the birth.
How to register your baby’s birth
After your baby is born you will need to register the birth at Croydon Register
Office. You can book an appointment by telephone or you can now use an
online facility to book an appointment to register the birth.
Opening times: Monday – Friday 9.30am to 4.00pm (closed on the first
Thursday of every month for training, mornings only)
Croydon Register Office
Ground Floor Offices, Croydon Town Hall, Fell Road, Croydon CR0 1NX
Telephone: 0208 726 6300
Fax: 0208 726 5633
When should I register my baby's birth?
You must register the birth within 42 days.
Will I need an appointment to register my baby’s birth?
Who can register the birth?
The following people can register the birth:
baby's mother.
baby's father who was married to the baby's mother at the time of the birth.
both parents together, if they are not married to each other and they want
the father's details to be recorded in the register. If the parents are not
married and the father cannot attend, the mother can register the birth but
only her details will be added to the register
Please remember one of the parents must register the birth in person.
They cannot ask a friend or relative to register the birth on their behalf.
If it is not convenient for you to visit Croydon Register Office, you can go to
any other register office and give them the details of the birth. They will in
turn send the information to us on your behalf. We call this registering a birth
by declaration. Please remember that if you do register this way, the birth
certificate will be posted to you a few days later.
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