Your Baby and You - page 49

As a general rule baby should have one more layer of covering than you when
you feel comfortable in the same room; when indoors their heads should not
be covered.
Room temp Amount of bedding
Sheet only
Sheet plus one blanket, or a 1 tog sleeping bag
Sheet plus two layers of blanket, or a 2.5 tog sleeping bag
Sheet plus three layers of blanket, or a 2.5 tog sleeping bag
plus a blanket
Bedding guidelines for babies wearing a nappy, vest and babygro.
Most jaundice in babies is not harmful; however, it is important to check your
baby for any signs of yellow colouring particularly during the first week of life.
The yellow colour will usually appear around the face & forehead first & then
spread to the body, arms & legs. A good time to check is when you are changing
a nappy or clothes.
your baby and you
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