Your Baby and You - page 45

Talk to your midwife if:
Your baby is sleepy and has had less than 6 feeds in 24 hours
Your baby consistently feeds for 5 minutes at each feed
Your baby always falls asleep on the breast and/or never finishes the feed
Your baby appears jaundiced
Your baby comes on and off the breast frequently
during the feed or refuses to breastfeed
Your baby is not having wet and dirty nappies
You are having pain in your breasts or nipples,
which doesn’t disappear after the baby’s first few sucks.
Your nipples come out of the baby’s mouth
looking pinched or flattened on one side
You cannot tell if your baby is swallowing any milk
before your baby is 3-4 days old and beyond
You think your baby needs a dummy
You feel you need to give your baby formula milk
This information can also be found on the Croydon University Hospital NHS
Trust website:
your baby and you
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