Your Baby and You - page 32

Contraception may be the last thing on your mind when
you have just had a baby, but it is something you need
to think about if you want to delay or avoid another
pregnancy soon after this baby.
A lot of unplanned pregnancies happen in the first few months after childbirth,
so even if you’re not interested in sex at the moment, it is better to be prepared.
How soon can I have sex again?
You can have sex as soon as you and your partner want to. However, having
a baby causes many physical and emotional changes for both partners, and it
may take some time before you feel ready to have sex. It is common to feel
nervous, but there is usually no reason why you should not enjoy sex just as
much as before. It can help if you and your partner talk about any worries you
have. If you have any discomfort which might affect your enjoyment of sex,
such as stitches which have not healed, discuss this with your midwife, GP,
practice nurse, or health visitor.
When will my periods start again?
If you bottle-feed, or combine bottle and breastfeeding, your first period could
start as early as five to six weeks after the birth. If you are breastfeeding,
your periods may not come back until you stop. However, you can be fertile
before you get your first period. This is because you ovulate (release an egg)
about two weeks before a period so you are able to become pregnant without
having had a period.
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