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Maura Cripps
Baby Massage
Vocational International Award
Massage is an excellent way of bonding
with your baby. Most of us respond to touch,
it is comforting and gives us all a sense of security.
Massage has the physical effects of:
Boosting the immune system
Aiding circulation
Aiding digestion
Nourishing the skin
Increasing suppleness and general well being
It may also help with:
Sleeping problems
Teething problems
Dry skin
To discuss your individual needs as to how
massage can have a positive affect on both babies
and parents, please contact me for an informal
discussion, without obligation.
Tel: 020 8657 3562
Mob: 07752 057676
Ania Rherri Photography
Please call Ania on
or e-mail
r further details and
also visit my website
Baby and family special
photo session at the
chosen location, digitally
edited images on a USB
key and online protected
gallery for only £150.
Reiki is a natural form of healing suitable for
everyone from young to old. It is a safe and
gentle therapy that can relax, balance and help
to heal the whole person including the mind,
body, emotions and spirit.
Sue Toomey
07882 327275
A child’s first teeth, also known as milk teeth, usually develop in the womb. But these teeth
only start to cut through the gum at the age of around six to nine months. When a baby's
teeth start to emerge through the gum, this is called teething. It typically takes until the child
is two-and-a-half for the full set of teeth to come through.
Teething won't make your baby ill, but if symptoms persist or
your baby has a high temperature, seek medical advice.
This is a new sensation for your baby so they will need lots of reassurance and hugs.
A full set of primary (baby) teeth (24 in all) should have come through by their third birthday.
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