Your Baby and You - page 25

your baby and you
Drinking alcohol is something that most of us do as part of our everyday lives
relaxing with friends, celebrating, or winding down after work. You do not
have to miss out on drinking while you are breastfeeding because even
though it passes quite freely into your milk in small amounts, it’s very unlikely
that having an occasional drink will harm mother or baby if breastfeeding.
So breastfeeding women are advised to keep drinking within the boundaries
recommended by DOH (Department of Health). This is to limit it to two units
of alcohol once or twice a week – and avoid getting drunk.
If a breastfeeding mother regularly drinks more than this amount it may
affect baby in a number of ways:
The milk may smell different and put baby off feeding
It can reduce the amount of milk you are producing
The alcohol may make the baby too sleepy to feed
The baby may have difficulties with digestion and problems with his or her
sleeping patterns.
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