Your Baby and You - page 24

And here are some things you should avoid having too much of:
fatty food (margarines and spreads, cooking oil, crisps)
sugar (chocolate, sweets, cake, fizzy drinks)
caffeine (tea, coffee, cola)
oily fish (mackerel, sardines, trout, fresh tuna) - oily fish is very good for you
and your baby, but don't have more than two portions a week. Oily fish has
high levels of mercury, so although it is good for you, the DOH Food
Standards Agency does not recommend that you eat this more than twice a
week whilst breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding mothers don’t need to eat anything special, but like everyone,
they should be encouraged to include foods from each of the food groups,
have a variety of fruits and vegetables and to include some milk as part of a
healthy balanced diet.
However there are a few foods you should avoid altogether if you are
soft cheeses
liver and food made with liver (like liver pâté)
raw eggs - so make sure the yolk is cooked through when you cook eggs
shark, marlin and swordfish
If your urine is dark and has a strong smell, this is also a sign that you are not
drinking enough.
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