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your baby and you
All new mothers produce milk in their breasts whether they are breastfeeding
or not. After two to three days the breasts may become full and tender but
this generally resolves itself. If at any time you should notice a tender palpable
lump or a redness of the skin over a lump or area of the breast, or you
develop flu-like symptoms, you should seek immediate help and contact your
midwife. In the meantime if breastfeeding, it is important to “move the milk”,
sometimes you may need to express your milk after a feed until your breasts
are comfortable; gentle massage of the affected area during the feed and
whilst expressing can help. If your nipples or breasts are sore you need to
seek advice on positioning.
Care after a Caesarean section
If you have had a Caesarean section, you should continue to take regular
pain-killers for as long as you need them. You should be given advice about
how to look after your wound. Advice should cover wearing loose, comfortable
clothes and cotton underwear, gently cleaning and drying the wound daily,
and looking out for possible wound infection (such as more pain, redness or
discharge) or fever.
You should tell your midwife or doctor if you : have symptoms such as pain on
passing urine, or leaking urine; your vaginal bleeding increases, or becomes
irregular or painful; develop a cough or shortness of breath, or swelling and
pain in your legs, so that they can make sure that these symptoms are not
caused by a blood clot.
There may be some things that you are not able to do straight after the birth,
such as driving a car, lifting heavy things and some exercises. If you are
unsure, discuss any concerns or problems with your midwife or GP. Check
with your car insurance cover about driving. Some insurance companies
require your GP to certify you are fit to drive.
Just because you have had a Caesarean birth this time, it does not mean you
will have to have another one next time. It will depend on the reason for the
Caesarean. You can talk to your midwife or GP about the reason you had a
Caesarean this time and your options for future pregnancies. Many women go
on to have a vaginal birth after having had a Caesarean.
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