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Bodhi Tree Counselling Services
Are you finding it difficult to cope?
Does life seem overwhelming at times?
Many people choose therapy when they are experiencing an upheaval or difficult, upsetting time
in their lives. You may be feeling depressed, anxious, or dissatisfied with life. Even with the support
of family and friends it can be difficult to communicate your feelings to them. Sometimes it’s easier
to talk to a person separate from your everyday life. Counselling gives you a time and place to
talk about, and explore how you are feeling.
Please contact me by phone or email for more information or to make an initial appointment.
Call Carrie Best
MBACP Psychodynamic counsellor
All Abilities Pilates is a company that runs Pilates exercise
sessions for people from all walks of life in the Carshalton,
Banstead, Surrey area.
Why not try Pilates as an excellent and gentle way of getting
into shape? Take a look at our website for your nearest session.
Please do come and join us!
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