Your Baby and You - page 14

Urgent action – call midwife, or NHS direct for advice
or see your GP within 24 hours
Severe perineal pain
You feel unwell, with a high temperature with or without shivers
You have a very smelly vaginal discharge
You experience dizziness, fainting
You have severe abdominal pain
You have visual disturbances/ nausea or vomiting
You experience pain in one of your calves with redness or swelling
You are unable to pass any urine at all in the hours immediately following
the birth.
If your baby is not feeding
If your baby has no wet nappies
If you baby does not have a bowel motion
(dirty nappy) for more than 24 hours
If your baby is ‘floppy’, difficult to wake and difficult to feed
If your baby is jaundiced (yellow colouring of the skin)
and is sleepy and not feeding
If there are any blisters on your baby’s skin
If your baby has a high pitched cry that continues and
you are unable to settle him/her.
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