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Signs & Symptoms Requiring Medical Attention
Although severe complications are rare after having a baby it is important
that you are aware of the signs and symptoms for which you should seek
medical attention. If you have any of the following you should contact your
midwife, GP or local maternity unit immediately on local numbers. You can
contact your nearest maternity unit any time of day or night.
Emergency action – see a doctor urgently
(Consider dialing 999 for an ambulance)
You suddenly experience very heavy vaginal bleeding or pass blood clots
You experience fainting, breathlessness, palpitations or chest pain
You has a severe, persistent headache
You are experiencing severe anxiety, paranoia, extreme depression or bizarre
thoughts (or your relatives have noticed any of the above changes in your
Dial 999 and ask for an ambulance if your baby:
Stops breathing, goes blue or changes colour
Is unresponsive and shows no awareness of what is going on
Has glazed eyes and does not focus on anything
Cannot be woken
Has a fit, even if the baby recovers without medical attention
your baby and you
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