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Supervisor of Midwives
A Supervisor of Midwives (or SoM) can offer guidance and support about any
aspect of midwifery care. This includes
creating a comfortable and confidential environment for you to discuss your
care with your midwife (for example, whether you would prefer to have your
baby at home, in a birthing centre or in hospital)
providing advice about the various options of care available to you and any
support you may need during your pregnancy and birth
monitoring the ability and behaviour of your midwife to ensure that she
meets the standards set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
listening to any concerns you may have about the level of care you have
received from your midwife (for example, you may have concerns about your
birthing experience) and then discussing these concerns with the midwife if
To contact your Supervisor of Midwives please call 0208 401 3000 and ask the
switchboard to contact the Supervisor on call with your details and they will
call you back.
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