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your baby and you
Community Midwives and Community Maternity Support Workers
Our community team work in the hospital and in the community at various
locations including Children Centre’s and GP surgeries. A Community Midwife
will visit you or contact you the day after you leave hospital and will arrange
future visits with you according to your specific needs. These future visits will
usually be at home for the first visit, and after that may be at a postnatal
clinic or at the children’s centre, but visits may continue at home. Some
families may require extra support and the community midwife in these cases
may visit you more frequently, or stay involved in your care up to 28 days.
This will be decided at discharge from the ward.
At one of these visits a screening blood test will be offered to your baby,
details of which are in the screening booklet given to you when your care was
initially booked, and also your baby will be weighed. At the final review, care
will be handed over to the health visitor: this is usually around the tenth day,
but may be longer if necessary.
If you have any problems or wish to ask advice e.g. about breastfeeding, please
phone at any time and speak to a midwife for further assistance. The community
midwives can be contacted on 0208 401 3171, leave your name and number
and a midwife will call you back within 24 hours. The messages are checked
daily between 8am – 9am. If you are from out of area please contact your
local maternity hospital and ask to be put in contact with your local midwife.
You may also wish to consider contacting support groups such as Croydon
Breastfeeding Team, the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers or the La
Leche League (details of which are available in the Useful Numbers section
of the booklet).
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