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Croydon Maternity Unit:
530 London Road, Croydon, Surrey CR7 7YE
Telephone No:
0208 401 3000
Labour Ward:
0208 401 3179 or 3180
Postnatal Ward:
0208 401 3182
Community Midwives: 0208 401 3171
Birth Centre:
0208 401 3169
In an emergency please contact Labour Ward
Some families will have a discharge planning meeting with professionals, to
ensure that all the right support is in place for you and your baby to be safe
at home.
Car Safety
We strongly recommend that you use an approved car restraint or a car seat to
take your baby home. This is now a legal requirement. Always use these when
your baby travels in the car. The first journey home is just as important as any
other journey.
Inflatable bags are fitted to the seats of many cars. These are designed to fill
with air automatically in the event of a crash and create a protective cushion
for travellers. However, airbags are considered dangerous for babies and small
children. Babies and young children should always travel in an appropriate car
seat. Never use a rear- facing car seat in the front of a car when an airbag is
fitted (unless it is turned off).
Going Home After a Caesarian Section
Women generally stay in hospital for 2–3 days after a Caesarean section. But
if you and your baby are well, and if you wish to go home early, you should be
able to go home earlier than this (after 24 hours) and have follow-up care at
home. In addition to routine postnatal care, you will need advice about
recovering after a Caesarean section and possibly about other complications if
you had these during pregnancy or childbirth.
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